Document Management

All of Your Document Solutions Under One Roof

Electronic Business Machines offers the best in document solutions. Our document management systems are designed to help your business function efficiently and productively, while ensuring that you’re complying with the regulations of your industry. EBM’s document solutions include:

  • Automated workflow solutions
  • Secure data management and storage
  • Cloud-based SaaS solutions
  • Personalized service
  • Fax solutions
  • Integrated document capture and distribution management

Scanning Solutions for Your Digital Office

Electronic Business Machines understands the challenge of managing communications throughout a busy work day; especially when the vital information is printed on paper. EBM can help you create electronic copies of all your documents with document imaging software and scanning solutions.
With document scanning software you can turn boxes of paper files into tiny electronic files. Not only will this help you save space, but you’re less likely to make a filing error or lose a document.

Document Imaging and storage allows you to:

  • Index documents for easy searching
  • Quickly respond to customer requests or complaints through speedy document retrieval
  • Create redundant files to meet insurance and compliance requirements
  • Allow company departments to access all necessary files throughout the network at any time instead of relying on inter-office mail and email

Cut Down on Paper Clutter

Many businesses choose to use document imaging software to reduce clutter and save paper. EBM makes it simple to turn every document (from one piece of paper to volumes of paper) into an easily managed and organized electronic file that can be backed up, stored, and distributed on the network or through email. Even graphics can be captured using our document imaging software.

Integrated Hardware and Software

EBM can help you create a customized system of scanning solutions using the proven, easy to use document imaging software. EBM’s in-house professionals will discuss multiple options to help determine how our document imaging and storage systems can create dramatic improvements to your business’ workflow. Contact an EBM professional to learn more 1-903-753-0271   sales@ebmcopy.com.

Managing Your Business Needs at High Speed through Cloud Solutions

Electronic Business Machines offers an excellent Cloud solution to help you manage your business processes. Designed for rapid application development, it is a key tool for creating automated business processes and streamlining workflows.

  • Automate your business’ workflows
  • Create a consistent, streamlined system
  • Improve the ease and efficiency of business processes
  • Plan and manage workflows with a centralized system
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Intuitive, Integrative, and Customizable

Our innovative business process management software includes an application studio, which allows you to configure forms, define document meta data, and create new customized applications in minutes. Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, these Cloud Solutions are easy to learn and apply.

Applications for Every Need

Whether you’re in government, healthcare, education, or engineering, our Cloud Solution can create applications to suit your business’ needs. In addition to document management and control, the business process management software can aid you in data warehousing, collaboration, workflow, project management, and creating online e-forms.

Features and Functionality

Capture information as it comes into your organization, whether via fax, email, online documents, or other modes. Using the business process management software, define data fields and automate the organization of incoming communications. Build in workflows to ensure that your organization’s ideal procedures are followed with every transaction and change, expand, or enhance them as your business grows.

For more information on the wide variety of services that our Cloud Solutions can offer you, call EBM—1-903-753-0271  sales@ebmcopy.com.

Staying Compliant and Meeting Regulations through Technology and Systems

Every industry has its own set of regulations, and CBE Office Solution’s (CBE) automated workflow processes and document management solutions can help you to guarantee that you’re following the rules and taking all of the necessary steps to conduct your business appropriately.

  • Build in fail-stop automated workflow processes
  • Be certain that documents are created, reviewed, approved, and published properly
  • Set up your system to look for—and prevent—errors
  • Rest assured that you’re using the most secure and reliable solutions available


In order to maintain patients’ privacy and adhere to the requirements set forth by HIPAA, a well-implemented system of document management is a necessity. CBE’s document management software solutions can aid in ensuring that HIPAA notices are provided to patients at the appropriate times and that protected health information is shared only with the appropriate personnel. Our customizable systems can be designed with the required administrative and technical safeguards outlined by HIPAA.

Financial Accounting

Using our SaaS solution and document management software systems, you can create and even automate auditable documents for your business. Accounting oversight can be made simple with streamlined processes and documents, and have them easily accessible through an electronic index.

Make certain every financial report is complete and accurate using our automated workflow solutions, which can alert you to missing or erroneous information. When you need to conduct an internal audit, have all of the documents you need complete, in order, organized, and on hand.

Privacy, Security, and Data Integrity

CBE assures its clients that data security, integrity, and privacy are our top concerns. That’s why we’ve sought out the best in the industry for SaaS, hosting, data storage, and secure workflow process creation.
Every governmental regulation form the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to HIPAA requires the utmost of security measures, which is why we rely on safeguards such as redundant, off-site data storage. Our document and data management software and systems offer the best in information security.

To learn more about our work with SaaS, call us at 1-800-266-4223 or contact us online.

Designing Workflow Solutions Specific to Your Business

Streamlining and controlling business processes is one of the best ways to improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. EBM provides several workflow solutions, which easily integrate with your current systems and will improve processes without interfering with your business. Using workflow software and other solutions, you will:

  • Automate your business’ workflows
  • Create a consistent, streamlined system
  • Improve the ease and efficiency of business processes
  • Plan and manage workflows with a centralized system
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity


Consolidate and Unify Processes

Ensure that everyone is working in the most productive way possible by employing our workflow planning solutions. EBM can help you determine the best practices and workflow processes to achieve optimum output and efficiency.

Automate Business Systems

Workflow automation is one of the primary features of EBM’s workflow solutions. We will analyze your business’ processes to determine what can be automated. This analysis provides information to help eliminate redundant, time-wasting procedures. A workflow automation solution can save you time and money.

Ensure Policy Adherence

Every business and industry has specific policies and procedures, and often, maintaining adherence can be challenging. EBM’s workflow solutions simplify this process by capturing your business processes, automating when possible, and creating a unified system.
Contact EBM to learn how we can create a unified system for your business. 903-753-0271   sales@ebmcopy.com

Solutions for Every Size Business

Workgroups both large and small can benefit from our wide variety of customizable workflow solutions. Whether you’re looking for a desktop fax machine or a networked digital communications system, we can work with you to determine your needs and find the best possible solution. Our automated systems can help any size organization to improve productivity and efficiency.

Regulation Compliance

If your industry is required to adhere to any government or other regulations, our workflow solutions and automation can help to ensure compliance. You can build in reminders and alerts to make certain that every step of a process is completed—in the proper order and with the appropriate level of privacy and security.

Design auditable forms and document templates for uniform communications and record-keeping. Rules can be created in the automated workflows to identify errors and missing information and alert you to it, creating a system of pro-active compliance.

Organization and Security

Our capture and distribution systems can digitize your documents for easy indexing and increased security. Imagine turning your entire file room into an easily searchable database. Cut down on storage space and increase security with our document management systems.

Call EBM today to learn about everything we offer and how we can help your business to succeed —1-903-753-0271.