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Electronic Business Machines and LANIER. Together we offer you the most complete line of products and services designed to Optimize the Way You Work!

Not too long ago, it seems that every office had to have an entire armory of devices designed to do single functions.  Thankfully, times have changed…a lot.


In today’s market, we are asking our equipment to do more and more as we move toward a more efficient way of working.  Lanier multifunction devices are no exception.

Copy + Print + Fax + Scan is just the beginning.  Add in Document Servers, Folding, Stapling, and Hole-punching and you’ve got a powerhouse of a machine  With professional grade color you have abilities that used to be reserved to high-end print shops right at your fingertips.

Lanier offers a full range of sizes and options.  To find a model that fits your needs, just click on the button below and you can browse our most popular models.  Or, if you’d like, you can “build your own” using our Lanier Configurator tool.





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Lanier offers a complete line of network-capable printers that print in black & white, color, or both.

Lanier multifunction printers offer scanning, fax and copier options as well as advanced finishing capabilities. From small offices to centralized production printing environments, Lanier printers enhance your productivity.

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Here’s our line up:



Black and White Models
Model Speed – PPM Sheet Size Starting At WiFi
 SP 213Nw  23 ppm  8.5 x 14  $145  Yes
 SP 311DNw  30 ppm  8.5 x14  $200  Yes
 SP 3600DN  31 ppm  8.5 x 14  $295  No
 SP 4520DN  42 ppm  8.5 x 14  $1,025  Optional
 SP 5200DN  47 ppm  8.5 x 14  $1,235  Optional
 SP 6430DN  38 ppm  11 x 17  $1,729  No
 SP 8300DN  50 ppm  11 x 17  $3,060  No
 SP 5310DN  62 ppm  8.4 x 14  $1,839  Optional



Color Models
Model Speed – PPM Sheet Size Starting At WiFi
 SP C252DN  21 ppm  8.5 x 14  $550 Yes
 SP C342DN  26 ppm  8.5 x 14  $565  Optional
 SP C435DN  37 ppm  8.5 x 14  $1069  Optional
 SP C440DN  42 ppm  8.5 x 14  $1499  Optional
 SP C830DN  45 ppm  11 x 17  $3884  Optional
 SP C831DN  55 ppm  11 x 17  $4934  Optional