Our business is to make your business grow.

Electronic Business Machines
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Electronic Business Machines

šAt EBM we’ve been looking after small businesses for decades. 6 of them to be exact 

šOther dealers may make huge promises and have a fleet of vehicles, but you know what else they have?  Huge OVERHEAD.

šElectronic Business Machines is built on a small batch principle.  Yes, we represent the same manufacturer as our larger competitors but we tailor our service and our interest to small businesses.  We are interested in helping a single operator law firm, the Oil & Gas startup, owner-operator mortgage brokers, independent insurance agents, and sole practitioner healthcare providers.

šWe understand small business. We are small business.  We know that the needs of each business vary slightly from office to office even in the same industry.

šOur aim is to leverage the technology available to give you the most streamlined and cost efficient method of conducting your business.  From copiers to email to data systems, we are geared to make our customers successful.  But it is not about us…

šWe don’t want to sell you more products or services.  We want to help you grow your profits.

What We Offer

Imaging Solutions

Lanier branded equipment [manufactured by Ricoh] are the best, most innovative imaging products in the world.  From copiers to printers as well as projectors and interactive whiteboards, Lanier has a product designed to make your work standout and make a difference.

Document Management

Imaging equipment is just the beginning of the story.  Lanier offers a host of software solutions designed to help you manipulate and manage your documents.  From security, to version control, to a variety of format editors Lanier has a solution designed with you in mind.

Tools for Business

What good is technology if you have to struggle to use it.  EBM brings you a complete offering to make your business process run as smooth as possible.  From Microsoft Office 2016 to Microsoft Exchange Email, we offer some of the best tools available to help you be efficient while maximizing your profitability.

Effective & Efficient Use Of Your Money


We offer a variety of budget-friendly financing options.  Oh sure, you can always pay cash [who doesn’t love cash?] but we’re here to make you more efficient.  Let’s face it, large capital expenses [like the cash purchase of a copier] are sometimes hard to swallow.  

Capex vs. Opex

  • We’ve partnered with some of the best financing companies in the world to bring you the best lease rates and terms.  
  • Why spend all of your capital at once?  
  • We believe that a low-rate lease helps you to operate with the best, most up-to-date equipment without destroying your cashflow.  

Why buy a drill when all you want is a hole?

  • We’ve also taken an innovative approach with our rental programs, too.  
  • Did you know that you can rent machines?  You can, it’s easy.  
  • When you rent, you pay only for the usage and not the equipment.